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Use oto’s free proposal generator to create professional-looking proposals for your business needs. Just fill out all the relevant information in the proposal below and then you can save it, print it out or send it to your clients

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Our proposal templates are available in Google Docs, Google Sheets, Word, PDF, Excel, Canva, Notion, Figma, and Illustrator. Simply hit the download button, update the proposal with your design logo and branding, fill in the details, and you’re ready to hit send!

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How to make an proposal with oto

Freelancers need a way to bill for their services. The oto proposal generator provides you with a fast and efficient way to improve your cash flow. It enables you to create an proposal following approved invoicing formats without losing sight of your work.

oto templates ensure that your proposal captures accurate service details, regardless of whether you bill per hour or charge a flat fee for your work. The proposal generator allows you to plug in your information, calculate the taxable amounts, and get a total fast.
Simply follow these steps:

1. Choose your currency

2. Enter your name

3. Enter your client's name

4. Proposal issue date

5. Proposal due date

6. Enter your services and describe what you offered

7. Add tax or discount

8. Add special notes or payment information

What to add in an proposal


1. Proposal number and date

Include the proposal number and date at the top of the proposal to make it easy for the client.

2. Business and Information

This is where you include you or your business name, address, number, email, or any other info you see necessary

3. Client information

This is where you include the client’s name, address, number, email, or any other info you see necessary.

4. Description of work and rates

Include a short description of the work you did, the quantity delivered or hours worked, and the price for each item.

5. Discounts, tax, and total amount

Add any discounts, your tax, and include the total amount needed to be paid at the bottom

6. Notes

Include any notes you have, if there are any, at the end of the proposal

How to send an proposal

The simplest and fastest way to send an proposal is by email. It allows you to attach an uneditable proposal in PDF format to help prevent fraud. Make sure to include a brief description of your company and of the proposal in its body.

Instead of the PDF version, you can also use the oto simple proposal generator to create a professional proposal. The proposal will include all the details needed for the proposal to get paid, including a ‘pay now’ button. You can email your customer a secure link to view it. are the fastest way to get paid.

When to send an proposal

The right time to send an proposal is immediately after you’ve finished the work assigned to you by a customer. Sending it right away after service delivery is the surest way to keep cash flow consistent for your freelancing business. Remember, you need this cash to grow your business and cater to your work expenses.

How to charge for freelance work

Whether you’re a marketing expert, a copywriter, or a designer, all freelancers share one common challenge; determining how to charge for their work. Beginners particularly have a harder time deciding on how to price their work.

Here’s a look at popular pricing options for modern-day freelancers:

  • Hourly/daily billing
  • Fixed-price per project
  • Retainers

Before you settle on a pricing option, consider the following tips:

  • Make sure to adapt your rates as you gain experience
  • Ask for a deposit when dealing with a fixed project
  • Network with other freelancers to get an insight into the industry rates
  • Use different pricing strategies for various clients