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Automated Proposals, Contracts and Invoices

Invoice your tracked hours in a click

Whether you work hourly or per project, easily create your invoice in seconds.

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AI Powered Proposals

oto generates a detailed proposal tailored to your project.

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Secure contracts powered by AI

Legally vetted and pre-written agreements

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Supporting the tools that suit you

oto has got you covered with all the necessary tools to build a perfect invoice

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Easy Client Management, Time Tracking and Expenses

Build stronger client relationships

Share all your progress with your clients; hours, invoices, proposals, and contracts.

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Record hours and get paid for your time

Track and share your live logged hours with clients by sending them a link.

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Manage Expenses and get Reimbursed

Categorize your spending and upload receipts to simplify accounting.

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Fast Payments, Approvals, and Signatures

Get paid faster by sharing payment links

Connect Stripe or PayPal to accept online payments from clients worldwide

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Get instant approval on your proposals

Allow your clients to approve proposals online so you can start working faster.

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e-Sign in seconds

Create, sign, send and track your pre-made contract in seconds.

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Flexible secure payments


Some of our integrations


All the features to run a modern freelance business.

  • Payment Reminders-icon
    Payment Reminders
    We remind your clients of an overdue payment.
  • Partial Payment-icon
    Partial Payment
    Allow clients to pay partial payments as you work.
  • Global Currencies-icon
    Global Currencies
    Accept +135 global currencies. Very convenient for remote work.
  • Recurring Invoice-icon
    Recurring Invoice
    Automatic repeat for retainer fees.
  • Late Fees-icon Soon
    Late Fees
    Charge clients with overdue late fees.
  • Customization-icon
    Update your logo, pick a brand color to best fit your business.
  • Collect Deposits-icon
    Collect Deposits
    Make sure you get paid before you get to work.
  • Auto Responses-icon
    Auto Responses
    Customizable email responses to keep your client updated.
  • Expense Report-icon Soon
    Expense Report
    One report to give a clear view on your spending patterns.
  • Expense Insights-icon Soon
    Expense Insights
    Get a clear picture of your finances.
  • Payment Links-icon
    Payment Links
    Create a payment page and share the link with clients.
  • Standard Fees-icon
    Standard Fees
    Only pay the Stripe or PayPal fees for credit card payments
  • Secure Payments-icon
    Secure Payments
    Safe and easy online payments.
  • Online Timesheet-icon
    Online Timesheet
    Share your live logged hours with clients, via a link.
  • Weekly Reports-icon
    Weekly Reports
    See how you spend your work hours.
  • Live updates-icon
    Live updates
    Real-time notifications on document status.